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The Detour Co. Zinc Stick

The Detour Co. Zinc Stick

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The Detour Co Zinc Stick has 20% non-nano zinc oxide. Zinc has many skin benefits due to the way it sits on your skin to act as a barrier. It is known to reflect free radicals (like ultraviolet rays of the sun), balance natural oils and help the skin retain moisture.


If you choose to use this as a natural sun block. Please adhere to regular sunscreen recommendations: Apply 20 minutes before being in direct sunlight. Reapply frequently especially after being wet or sweaty. All sunscreens (natural or not) are one of many tools for skin protection. Choose shaded spots. Wear sun safe clothing. Stay hydrated (dry skin is more susceptible to UV rays and the potential damage they cause). Sunblock is never the first line of defense against the sun. This is not a regulated sunscreen.


More ways to use zinc stick:

Moisture Retention - diaper cream, rash recovery

Balance natural oils - blemish balm for body and face

Cooling - burns, heat related skin flare ups


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